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Michiel Ceulers (12/05-11/06)

Upcoming exhibitions:

Louise Delanghe (16/06-09/07)

Dieter Durinck

Kasper de Vos 

Tom Hallet  

Rein Dufait

Past exhibitions:


“De Grote Vogelshow” with Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven, Arthur Van de Velde, Bert Huyghe, Brecht Heytens, Carole Vanderlinden, Charles Degeyter, Dieter Durinck, Dittmar Viane, Dora Brams, Floris Van Look, Frederik Lizen, Gerard Herman, Hamer Kormeling, Joost Pauwaert, Joke Derycke, Joris De Rycke, John Van Oers, Justine Grillet, Karel Thienpont, Karl Philips, Kasper De Vos, Kim Wey, Leendert Van Accoleyen, Liesbeth Van Heuverswijn, Lien Buysens, Louise Delanghe, Marilou Dejans, Mariami Tsotadze, Mathias Mu, Max Dreezen, Matthieu Ronsse, Meriton Maloku, Natasja Mabesoone, Narcisse Tordoir, Rifus Michielsen, Ria Pacquee, Simon Verougstraete, Sofia Pashaei, Stijn Bastianen, Stijn Ter Braak, Sidney Aelbrechts, Tramaine De Senna, Tom Poelmans, Veronika Bezdenejnykh & Klaas Op De Beeck, Zoë Monsaert

“Art Rotterdam” with Jonas Dehnen & Leendert van Accoleyen (sculpture park)

“Slice Of Life” with Willem de Haan


“Morbid Angel” with Rufus Michielsen

“Freundschaftsinseln” with Jonas Dehnen

“Pizza Delivery” with Meriton Maloku

“Ring-a-ring-awiddershins” with Justine Grillet

“Toxic Sensitivity” with Bert Huyghe

“Nothing New Under The Sun” with Eva Donckers

“Pee-wee's Big Adventure“ with Veronika Bezdenejnykh, Fiona Mackay, Karel Thienpont, Dieter Ravyts, Julien Meert (curated by Michiel Ceulers)

“Character Mask” with Rufus Michielsen

“Voor Dragend En Niet Dragend Metselwerk” with Leendert van Accoleyen


“Velux Check-Mates” with Louise Delanghe

“Hope Marketing / Day Job Drawing” with Dieter Durinck

“Solo” with Brecht Heytens

“Pluto” with Anna Godzina

“Art & Craft 4-ever” with Maya Strobbe

“Turmoil” with Leon de Bruijne

Current exhibition


With his solo exhibition All is Full of Love at Pizza Gallery, Michiel Ceulers turns representation into a form. Fully covered with white painted canvases, the interior of the gallery becomes an inverted void. Rather than being yet another total installation that challenges the authority of the ‘white cube’, Ceulers’ new project operates as a sort of unfolded template of the gallery space. While bringing the artist’s process-orientated abstraction to the next level, this ‘total painting’ is first and foremost a reflection on the limits of the medium.

Hardly distinctive from the distance, a grid of tiny white squares on the white canvases merges them into a wallpaper-like pattern. Flirting with the structural element of modernist painting, and yet depriving the works from their sacred autonomy, appealing to the mechanical reproduction but cherishing the tactile qualities of the painterly surface, Ceulers puts the game of contradictions at the core of his project. All is Full of Love is full of playful irony, inter-referential dynamics, and love for painting.

(by Ekaterina Vorontsova)

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