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Victoria Palacios (b.1992) born in France, studied at Erg in Brussels. She currently lives and works in Brussels. As a multidisciplinary artist, she navigates between various mediums and practices. Committed to establishing connections between autonomous images, Palacios explores the affinities that her individual works share with each other. Painting on pocketbooks and canvases (even on slices of bread), Victoria Palacios builds a rich lexicon of styles and motifs, emphasizing the immersive nature of painted material.

Through performances, scenographies, paintings, and sound works, she personalizes her creations by playing with them, engaging them in dialogue. Her compositions, featuring grotesque and theatrical characters that exaggerate attitudes and textures, transform into fantastical figures. In Palacios's work, the painting is rarely singular; parameters and symbols recur as playful nods and winks.

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“L’odeur de la boue”


The smell of mud, often referred to as "petrichor," is a distinct earthy and pleasant scent that arises when rain falls on dry soil. This natural fragrance is caused by a combination of compounds released by soil-dwelling bacteria, organic matter, and oils. The phenomenon is particularly noticeable in regions where the soil contains certain types of bacteria or plant oils. Many people find the smell of mud after rain to be refreshing and nostalgic.

The term "petrichor" has its origins in Ancient Greek, deriving from the words petra (meaning stone) and ichor, a term used to refer to the blood of the gods in Greek mythology. However, contrary to this explanation, the scent we experience is not that of divine blood.

Instead, it is linked to an organic compound known as geosmine, literally translating to 'earth-odor.' This compound is emitted by plants during periods of drought to slow down their growth. When rain finally arrives, the scent of these substances is released, creating the unique aroma we associate with the smell of mud.

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