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Veronika Bezdenejnykh (b. 1990, Almaty) is a Kazakh artist residing in Gent. Her work, spanning disciplines from digital to painting and performance, explores the intersection of the geometrical, philosophy, and ottoman art history. She graduated 2015 with a master’s degree in painting at KASK in Gent. In 2015 Bezdenejnykh, Alec Nierinck and Charlotte Kalkman also founded the platform To Be Antwerp, for freshly graduated master students.

She navigates the spectrum between abstraction and figuration, infusing her works with vibrant color. Her paintings, a playground of personal musings and memories, defy formal rules, embracing artistic freedom. Inspired by childhood recollections and minimalist influences, Veronika explores themes of domesticity and familial life.

Veronika views painting as communication, a way to capture the ineffable. The process mirrors music, combining recognizable elements with digital tools for speed and originality.

Her art serves as both a perfect universe and attempts to grasp an elusive essence. It acts as a portal to memories, desires, and aesthetics. Beyond narrative coherence, her paintings inquire into the boundaries of perception, utilizing diverse techniques. Veronika invites viewers into a space that addresses emotional burdens, offering solace and connection.

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